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St. Matthew's Episcopal Church<br> Snellville, Georgia
Liturgical Ministries

Lay Minister


A person licensed to administer the chalice is best described as an "extraordinary minister of the Sacrament". That
is, such a ministry is permitted only when there are not enough ordained ministers for the efficient administration of
the Sacrament.

It is certainly not proper, as directed by the BCP, nor in accordance with the spirit of the Canons, that a Lay Eucharistic
Minister exercise that ministry when there are adequate numbers of clergy present. Lay Eucharistic Ministers are not authorized to carry the Sacrament to the sick (please see Lay Eucharistic Visitor).

Lay Eucharistic Ministers may function during the administration of Holy Communion, when needed, in administering
the chalice. They may, if the Celebrant desire, assist the Deacon in oblations, or if there is no deacon, the Lay
Eucharistic Minister may do oblations.


  • Baptized member in good standing of the congregation in which they intend to serve
  • Completed training and passed examination
  • Licensed by the Bishop upon completion of examination


Lay Eucharistic Ministers should vest in cassock and surplice when serving the chalice.

In certain cases, Lay Eucharistic Ministers may read sermons authorized by the Bishop or the Rector/Vicar in charge
of the congregation.

Candidates for Holy Orders in a theological education are automatically granted a Lay Eucharistic Ministers
license in the congregation where they serve.

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